Another Convention, The Same Old Story

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I came across a post on Medium today about Penguicon, another converged Science Fiction and Fantasy convention that has prioritized their politics over creating a fun event. Most people who read know about my history with BayCon, and how horribly they treated me after it came out that I voted “wrong” in the Presidential election last year. They acted like literal nazi hateful bigots that they went around calling everyone else who doesn’t agree with them on facebook, and are paying the price in public relations for it even to this day.

It looks like Penguicon is no different. Poor Jay, having helped out, volunteered and attended all these years only to see his con go by the wayside:

No longer. I don’t feel welcome any more so much as tolerated, and that precisely because I am the Tron Guy. The difference? Penguicon’s gotten political, and my politics are not theirs.

It’s been growing for several years, but really broke out two years ago. I was awakened (I refuse to use the grammatical atrocity “woke”) to the leftward tilt in SF fandom by the Sad Puppies campaign. When I paid attention, I saw that Penguicon was definitely taking the side of the social justice warrior contingent in fandom, from inviting Charlie Jane Anders and her io9 compatriot Analee Newitz as Guests of Honor to panels full of politically correct topics on gender in SF and the like, to putting up posters on “consent culture” in several places around the hotel, to lamenting that they had not been able to designate any of the hotel bathrooms as unisex.

I spoke to the con chair and a couple of members of the Board of Directors, raising my concerns, on Saturday afternoon. I was promised an opportunity to speak with the entire Board. That conversation happened via teleconference that October. The Board and con chairs — three of them, for the one just ended, the one in planning, and the following one — all said they’d try to make sure that their ideals included inclusion of diverse opinions.

You can read the full post here.  Really these cons are shooting themselves in the foot. I’ve mentioned this before. Sci-Fi cons are competing with Comic-Cons, competing with Gaming Cons. They all cost money, they all take up full weekends, there are limited people to go around to all of these.

Local SF cons went political years ago — and they also went hyper “adult-themed” which is code for having sexual content inappropriate for kids or teens. Having this sort of thing encouraged and on the main program makes places not family friendly — which maybe a few people wanted at some point, but what that did was cost the next generation, as most folk won’t bring their kids to a convention that has “Kinky Rope Play” on the programming — which if you think I’m remotely joking, these conventions do this sort of thing. And then they go nuts over perceived sexual harassment problems — of course you’re going to have that if you make it part of your programming. Get rid of the nasty stuff, let people go do that where it’s more appropriate. No one wants to expose their kids to that nonsense, and really the reason those are there in the first place reverts back to the political problem of ostracizing half or more of the country if you think about it.

I looked at the other Bay Area convention, FogCon, and half of their panels that are supposed to be on Science Fiction and Fantasy were about hating anyone who’s to the right of Fidel Castro. Who wants to attend these things? One, it’s not what these organizations are here to do in the first place, and two that doesn’t sound like fun at all to be in rooms of semi-pro authors complaining about elected officials. Boring. Over years, you’re going to lose everyone because it’s not fun.

I’ve talked about this over and over. If legacy establishment SF/F fandom doesn’t wake up soon, they’re gonna find themselves with no one left. And I don’t want that to happen, I need people to sell books to. Heed Jay’s advice here. Clean up your con and make Science Fiction fun again.

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#ESPNIsOverParty: More Convergence At Disney Subsidiaries

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I won’t lie, I stopped watching ESPN more than a decade ago. This train wreck was coming for a long time, but I didn’t think the nail in the coffin would be due to virtue signalling politics overriding its core mission as a company. The reason I stopped is because of the extreme east coast bias and the complete disregard for baseball and hockey. Since my two favorite sports took a back seat to sports that ESPN had more broadcast rights for, I never found it that compelling to watch. Compound that with the fact that they would talk about NY and Boston teams on a 5:1 ratio or more of anyone else… it was worthless. I didn’t need yet another commentator to tell me how Eli Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time, because he’s not.

But over the last year we saw something more insidious develop with ESPN. They followed the same path as their sister Mega-Corporate Disney-owned Marvel Comics, in that they hired a bunch of social justice warriors, and started rambling about politics. This of course coincided with Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American sit-in of national anthem at game, of which ESPN was all too gleeful about. Fans, being normal Americans, found it insulting and hated it. Like the readers of Marvel Comics who didn’t want to read “Occupy Avengers”, ESPN viewers tuned out.

But ESPN didn’t just stop there, because as we know, social justice warriors always double down in these situations. Their First Take became a political rant fest. They gave awards to Bruce Jenner for his “bravery”. All sorts of non-sports related nonsense that made their viewership drop even more. They covered the anti-Trump marches and praised them on twitter… I mean, seriously? What happened to sports?

That’s what happens when an organization converges. It only takes a couple of social justice warriors in different positions to shake things up, and completely ignore the real focus of the organization, which quickly transforms it into something that no one can even recognize. The end result is always the same, especially in entertainment media: the customers and viewers disappear.

We’ve see it in science fiction publishing, in Marvel Comics, in the NFL’s lack of viewership early last year, and now ESPN. We want entertainment to be fun. We want sports to be intense competitions between elite athletes. We don’t want a finger-wagging political messages. We get enough of that from idiots reposting clickbait on our facebook feeds.

And yesterday, the result of that hit ESPN as they laid off more than 100 of their journalists. They took the wrong message for what’s wrong with their network and made cuts primarily to baseball and hockey reporters. I wish I could say I’m surprised. I have yet to see a statement from ESPN or Disney about how they realize they erred in focusing on politics, so I expect the situation will get worse. We see that Marvel had taken the wrong lesson as well, thinking a “reboot” of characters to “iconic forms”will help them, ignoring their blackballing practices and the fact that their writing staff hates half of America. These half-measures do little good to rescue an organization from the pits they’ve become. I saw a post on twitter yesterday stating that ESPN is going to become to sports what MTV is to music — and I think that’s the spiral we’re going to see. What Disney group is next?

Independent Journalist Mike Cernovich has called for average people to stop watching ESPN completely,stating: “If you watch ESPN, you are paying the enemy. If you can’t give up ESPN to win a culture war, that’s on you.” At this point, if you want to see a change back to real sports, this is exactly what needs to be done.

Susan Slusser, sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle has stated “Someone could start a really excellent sports network focused on real news, information and insight with these layoffs. Please do so.” And I agree. I would love to run something like this if I had the proper financial backing. It’s what Americans want out of sports and right now is an ample opportunity to provide what Fox News did to CNN more than a decade ago — provide real news as a counter to the nonsense. The ratings follow suit, as we’ve seen for so long. I think there was a movie, about an unrelated topic that said “If you build it, they will come.” Who can we turn to for a new sports platform?


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How To Apply For A Job In Mainstream Journalism

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This has been one crazy journey, one in which I had no intention of traveling. You might say it’s like the classic hero story. Events happen that are out of young Peter Parker’s control, or in this case, my control, people started reading my blog and my work in earnest, and I learned that I had a vast superpower at my disposal: the truth.

With great power comes great responsibility, as someone once wrote, someone long forgotten by current sci-fi and comics publishers, who have worshipped at the altar of their cult of political correctness for so long. It turns out people are starved for the truth, and they shun that false idol that the SJWs have propped up.

Here’s a little backstory of The Adventures of Super-Hispanic Writer for those who just joined us.  I did a little research into the twitter accounts of Marvel writers, only to be shocked as to the level of groupthink by the writing staff.  

Then, Bleeding Cool, a FAKE NEWS comic website who virtue signals to giant conglomerate corporations like Disney instead of protecting independent artists like me — ironic as they’re funded by the small Avatar Press — decided that in order to shill for Marvel, they had to ignore the real content of my story and lambast me personally in a way that didn’t even make sense for anyone who actually read the article:

Disgusting behavior. Shame on you for attacking independent artists.

Well, there is a happy ending to this story. The Federalist, a legitimate, mainstream news source noticed my article, and hired me to expand upon it and write for a mainstream audience. The article posted this morning:

And now my reach is so much bigger than Bleeding Cool’s that it’s laughable. Thanks Rich!

There’s a moral to this story: don’t be afraid to tell the truth. I was honestly afraid for my future career when the folk on the convention circuit tried to silence me for my political beliefs. They thought it’d be a simple matter of pushing me away to obscurity and that’d be it. I was very much afraid of that — as they’d made a lot of us afraid to speak out over the years. They have the very real blackball threat at some of these big publishers to show you exactly how dangerous it is to speak the truth. Bleeding Cool did the same.

Yes, you won’t be able to work at Marvel. You won’t be able to speak at SJW converged sci-fi conventions. Tor Books will not publish you. You won’t win a Hugo award. But as creators are learning: you don’t need any of that stuff to succeed. You can get your work and your message out without them, that’s the beauty of the internet. Moreover it’s important to let the general public, who is unaware of all of this, know that these institutions hate them and everything they stand for. Those platforms are old and busted by political correctness and virtue signaling. You are the new hotness.

Stand up with me, friends. We can fight these villains and restore truth, justice and the American way.


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Tweet Of The Day

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This would be super funny if it weren’t so sadly true.

This is how the FAKE NEWS treats everything. Remember that there’s an agenda, a narrative, and they will lie to you and attempt to destroy the character of anyone, even the most honorable, righteous people. Even God Himself. You can never trust them. They hate you and want to keep you stupid and in the dark.

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Marvel Starting To Get The Picture

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In a little more than a week after Bleeding Cool went FAKE NEWS on me and wrote a hit piece on an indie author in defense of a giant evil megacorporation, ignoring my legitimate concerns about current editorial having destroyed the Marvel Comics brand by not allowing any normal people to actually write their stories, but only having political zealots, the tune starts to change:

The takeaway isn’t “I guess our readers don’t want diversity”. No, they don’t want politics rammed down their throats or their kids throats when they’re trying to read some pulp fantasy about a dude wearing an American flag beating up on a dude with a red skull. Giving a surface-level face change to a beloved character into “She-Thor” or “SuperBurquahGirl” as Vox Day put it is obviously a gimmick meant to virtue signal, not “try out new and interesting ideas.” Thin political messages instead of good fiction. If you want new and interesting ideas, make a real commitment to new characters like you did in the late 2000s with Runaways and Spider-Girl and things like that — those were AWESOME, but they didn’t get the creator support or marketing they needed long term.

I want new and interesting ideas and cool superheroes with new and fresh ideas, so do many other readers, that’s why we’re turning to Valiant comics. How much more diverse can you get than a 3rd century Visigoth dude in space armor?  I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere else.

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If You Ever Remotely Thought FAKE NEWS Wasn’t A Conspiracy…

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A simple duckduckgo search reveals something pretty ridiculous. All of these news agencies — or we should start calling them what they are, blogs — with the same headline, same content, which is about the most pointless content that anyone ever could invent (they literally have that much nothing on this guy that this is their attack? lol). All within a day of each other. They all are their own echo feedback loop that is worse than a UC Santa Cruz student’s facebook feed. There is no investigation, no thought, it’s just repeat the narrative. The FAKE NEWS media is in the tank, and is the enemy of rational thought and by proxy the American people. This is why I talk about this every day. It is pure corruption and idiocy in FAKE NEWS and BIG ENTERTAINMENT, and we need to bring back rationality.

Frankly, looking at this, that’s not a bad policy Mr. Pence engages in. Probably leads to a happier and healthier marriage. I may have to try this myself.

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Bizarre and Deranged Behavior

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Senator Chuck Schumer, the senate minority leader, harassed a couple out to dinner yesterday, yelling and screaming at them like a nut job. He got up in the middle of their dinner to point fingers and shout about how someone voted. Just pause to think about how crazy that is if you saw it with anyone, and then put it in context of one of our nation’s leaders doing it. Wow. I wish I could say this is abnormal behavior with the SJW crowd, but it’s not. This is what they do time and time again. Just look at a local Science Fiction convention like Baycon or FogCon to see the end result.

In an attempt to do what?  Isolate and shame? SJWs are quick to talk about witch hunts and the like in the distant past, but at the same time they are very eager to institute one in real life. If you think this is confined to politics, it’s not. The problem is a big one, especially in the entertainment industry where I operate. While Schumer obviously is completely frustrated with his own ineptitude and the country going against his political will, more than half the country do want him to go away, the entertainment industry is supposed to be bringing us delight and fun, and that’s what makes it weirder.

That more than half the country are their customers, their consumers, and they hate and despise them. That’s why so many books and comics and films keep virtue signaling they want a different customer base, one that isn’t there in a lot of cases. It leads to all the crazy name calling, the blackballing, the fake friends “shunning” to posture that they don’t want to be associated with “those types.” And all of that is why their power base is failing as much as Schumers to the point where they are probably even more deranged about it. Instead of focusing on putting out good products that are fun, they see their role as entertainers as being some movement, that if only people read into their boring allegories in their shows and books, then they will magically change their minds.

The blackballing is real. I proved it the other day with Marvel, subsidiary of giant mega-corporate Disney, who these crazies like to “defend” against independent artists by trying to torch us, and I further proved how the FAKE NEWS media reacts every time with it. But moreover, there’s many victims of it who still manage to make their own platforms and create a success. One such is Dragon Award Winner Nick Cole, who I will be interviewing about corrupt entertainment/media complex later today. Tune in to watch.


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First of all, I would like to congratulate Castalia House for trolling so hard, so funnily, that Amazon itself seems to be thrown into turmoil as separate employees keep putting their most recent book up and bringing it back down, as if no one can decide whether they should “punish” the publisher. They’re also due a congratulations for being so effective, that they’re making the typical shill news:

“Amazon Pulls Castalia House Book For Ripping Off John Scalzi.”

Well, that’s one way to put it. The reality is, when you’ve followed this situation since day one, that Castalia House put up a parody, mocking Scalzi’s late book to Tor, with a similar concept below the surface, which they, as an indie publisher were able to produce faster, better and get it released actually prior to Scalzi’s book. Tor threw a fit because their top author was getting made fun of, and pressured Amazon into taking it down.

Then they got it back up, because they were ready for that.

Then Amazon took it back down again.

Over a joke. Only an idiot would have mistaken Johan Kalzi and the “More Asimov than Asimov” labeled as “An Interstellar Science Fiction Epic In Space” as the actual work. That’s the point. Of course, Tor and Amazon want to presume their clients, their readers are all actually idiots. This is a hallmark of typical condescension from the establishment bloated companies that try to take down nimble, independent, competent members of the new media.

Old and busted. New hotness. In a nutshell.

And all they can do is run to their friends in the media to complain about it, as their sales decrease because people are sick of their blackballing and shunning their values, and second their shameful tactics of taking to the media like this and lying outright.

This is the same problem we see across the spectrum. It’s an example, a parable, a metaphor for every other piece of FAKE NEWS you see. It takes time to learn to spot this kind of thing, but once you do, you can see it everywhere. And it is everywhere. You saw this happen to me exactly just a couple days ago when I, your humble nimble and competent independent writer, blew the whistle on GIANT MEGACORPORATE DISNEY SUPERHERO DIVISION, and how their media friends responded.

I promised to teach you how to spot it.

If it’s about Donald Trump or Vox Day or Me, and it isn’t linked or sanctioned by us or one of our friends, it’s FAKE NEWS. They are lying about what we said for some agenda. They may even use actual words out of context to do so, but there is a context to it, and you shouldn’t believe it.

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SJW Mike Glyer Doubles Down

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I don’t know what this guy’s got against me. I’ve never talked to him, met him, or had any interaction with him. I added him recently after he posted a fake news article about me, when he didn’t even bother to contact me for my comments on some libelous allegations that Baycon made to try to save face.

Soon after his fake news article posted, I reached out and tried to befriend Mike in hopes that perhaps he cares more about science fiction and truth than long-term libelous politics. I gave him a facebook friend request, asked him if he would like to meet for tennis and then drinks, as I was intending to make a brief sojourn to southern California in the near future. He did not respond to that, for whatever reason. As usual, I am friendly, open, trying my best, but SJWs are filled with such vitriol and hate, that they can’t handle a truly nice person trying to reach across divides, even if for the sake of fun science fiction. The only way they will accept you is if you are completely silent and let them degrade everything you stand for. This is why it’s war, and not reconcilable. Nothing matters to them except the identitarian hate. Mike — you should be praising me in the name of diversity!

Today, a new post was brought to my attention. I gave Mike’s very fake news blog the highest traffic for the month of February. He owes readership directly to me and my pretty face which he plastered all over the web to try to besmirch my good name. Like his original post, he couldn’t help but make a negative smug comment about me in touting his site’s traffic scores due to me.

Mike — what’s your beef? There is a huge problem with politics and hatred of anyone who doesn’t toe the SJW line across the semi-pro cesspools that are many local conventions. Did you not read my blog on Vox Popoli about the absolutely nutty level of programming that Baycon’s had in the past? Did you not read the screen shots of their programming director, Susie Rodriguez, admitting that this was 100% political, or in her words “speech based on ideology”? Did you not see their perennial guests– in which they invite for their own awards program dedicated, ironically, to good deeds– who called me names, tried to punish me outside the convention and dropped crazy swear words at me, which Baycon refused to disavow?

I even have the con chair who has admitted the political elements of it in messenger to me. He attempted to reach out to resolve this when the bad press hit them, because it’s big egg on their face, but refused to go as far as publicly apologize for the lies directed at me on File 770 and the behavior by their very unprofessional guests who made this personal. The truth came out even then. We can chat about that for your retraction piece, Mike, whenever you like.

But that’s not why I’m here or even why I posted to begin with. I posted because I care about Baycon. It’s my home convention. I want it to thrive. It needs to change, and instead of looking at their own problems, they came after me through MIke Glyer.

It’s a policy point on my end, not personal (though with how they’ve treated me, that’s changed, which is why I told their con chair Christopher Castro I required an apology from them). I want things to change in conventions and fandom so that we can all have fun together. I even tried to have fun with Mike as per above, even after all of the hate he had directed my way.

Mike, in your dishonest and sloppy reporting, did you ever stop to consider how this makes it very difficult for me to ever attend local conventions in the future? You’ve stirred people up to a point where it would be physically dangerous to do so. Maybe report on the death threats that a long time BayCon guest delivered to me on election night instead of this. I mean, there’s nothing political there going on at all, is there? It’s disgraceful and wrong to post things like you have without doing at least a little diligence.

This isn’t just a Baycon problem. It’s across the scene and that’s why I made a very important global call for change in my original post on this matter. Look at another convention, FogCon, and their programming: . This is another group that advertises science fiction, but are instead devoted to hyper-negative political whining. Their panels, much smaller than Baycon are about 20-30% political and unfun. Mike, do you think anyone like me would ever get an invite to this convention either? Probably just a “rotating guests” situation, huh?

“How Did You Survive The Election”

“Living Between”  (description below, the irony of anti-US culture for a convention that celebrates US culture isn’t lost on me)

Western culture — or at least USian culture — is pretty decent at coming up with labels and categories. Up/down, Black/white, Queer/straight, Urban/wild — we can probably come up with binaries indefinitely. But neither science nor psyche support binaries as accurate, or even necessarily useful, models. Where do we find models or communities that support non-binary options? Where have those of us who are particularly non-binary found models or communities of support? Where and how are our lives reflected in the world around us? How can we strengthen those places?

“When It’s Friends who are Hurting You” (Description Below) 

If you expect someone to be hateful, you can usually handle them one way or another; but how do we cope when it’s the people we care about who are hurting us? Language about micro-aggressions and unacknowledged privilege is available, but how do you have these conversations with the people you’re closest to?

Yikes. This is an epidemic. It’s not fun, and it’s killing our genre as people don’t want to have to deal with this when they’re trying to have fun. Now this group hasn’t done anything negative to me as Baycon has, but the same rooted problem of an intense political agenda that ensures that anyone who disagrees is not welcome. This is exactly why the Hugos had problems over the last years and needed someone brave to stand up, as that award became about political virtue signalling instead of fun science fiction as well.

This all needs to stop. Mike Glyer — be an agent of change instead of an agent of false reporting. And you’re welcome for all the traffic. Message me for my paypal account if you want to compensate me for it.

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