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The Saga Of The Nano Templar:

Book One: Justified – Buy Now!

The Adventures Of Baron Von Monocle: 

Book One: For Steam And Country – Buy Now!

Book Two: The Blood Of Giants – Buy Now! 

Book Three: The Fight For Rislandia – Buy Now! 

The Aryshan War

The Stars Entwined – Buy Now! 

Star Realms

Star Realms: Rescue Run  – Out Of Print!


Flying Sparks: A comic about a hero and villain dating under their secret identities, each unaware of each others’ secret lives. IndieGoGo Still Open. Buy Here! 

The Ember War: Aliens Invade. Humanity has one chance. Based on the hit novel by Amazon bestseller Richard Fox. Email me at jdaguestposts at gmail dot com if you are interested in a copy.


Short Stories:

Four Horsemen Universe:

“Lost And Found”: – A Fistful Of Credits

“All Is Fair In Love And Mercs” –


“Winning Is What We Do”: – MAGA 2020 & Beyond

“Crisis Counseling”: – Paragons

“Taking Control”: – Storyhack #1

“The Romance Chip” (OUT OF PRINT): – Irony of Survival Anthology:

“Monster Mingle and Kris Kringle” (OUT OF PRINT): – Naughty or Nice Anthology

Game Lore:

Doomtown: Reloaded by Alderac Entertainment Group – Lore, rules fiction, web fiction, you’ll have to google search this one cuz there’s so much!

Tiny Frontiers RPG by Gallant Knight Games –

The Captain Is Dead by Alderac Entertainment Group: 


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