Interview with Author S.D. Grimm

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I don’t do a lot of guest posting on here, but from time to time I do have interest in promoting work that’s interesting to me. S.D. Grimm is the author of the forthcoming YA fantasy novel, Scarlet Moon, from Gilead Publishing. I’ve gotten to know her in the past through the writing community and in particular author Nadine Brandes, who also has a new YA fantasy, A Time To Rise, out now.  Ms. Grimm early on gave me the privilege of reading a few of her chapters back in the day when she was submitting her novel, and I was very impressed with her work, and happy to see that it’s coming to market!

You can find out more about her here:

Facebook, Twitter, Website, Pintrest 

And once more, Scarlet Moon on Amazon:

Scarlet Moon is coming out tomorrow, October 21st, marking her debut novel. So I figured it’d be interesting to sit down and ask her a few questions about the book and herself! Enjoy. Continue reading

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