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Hi, I’m Jon Del Arroz. You might remember me from such comics as: If-X, Back Row Presents, Flying Sparks. You may also know me from my short fiction in Zharmae Publishing’s anthology, The Irony of SurvivalIf you happen upon a TARDIS and go even further back, you’ll find my band aprilsrain  (you can search for that on iTunes), which I understand one of my songs made it onto Real World: New Orleans a couple of years back.  I’m sure if you do some quick searches you can find some reviews or interviews I’ve done for different comic websites along the way as well. I do hope that as times go on this list becomes outdated, and I’ll want to list bigger and better things. Some of which are works-in-progress, and I’ll talk about on this very page.  Now that we’ve got my resume out of the way…

It came to my attention last month when I was blogging about the creative process over on the aforementioned Flying Sparks website that a significant amount of people were generally interested in what I had to say on the matter.  This ranged all the way from my influences and insights on why I went with particular story choices, all the way to talks on artists and coordination.  It was a lot of fun to ponder the topics for me as well, so I figured I might as well give it a go on a broader scale.  I’ll use this page to advertise works of mine on the horizon, talk about the process, and answer any questions that may be posed to me.  Comment and let me know what you want to hear, or if you like it! We authors thrive on knowing someone’s out there listening (or reading as it may be).

I’m assuming most of my clicks will come from people who read Flying Sparks at this point, so I’ll give a little tidbit of info: just finished writing Issue 8 (right now the book’s on issue 7 in terms of what’s posting).  I went into the issue with the full intent of taking it down a notch, slowing down the plot and not heading into the dangerous “I’m going to outdo myself!” territory.  Well, the characters didn’t listen to me. It’s a doozie, and I’m a little frightened of where it takes the story.  Guess you’ll have to wait a bit to see what I mean, though!

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