What Am I Doing This Christmas?

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Well, I’m going to hang with the family and eat food, watch my kid open presents and… oh, you didn’t mean what I’m doing for Christmas as in the mundane Christmas festivities? You meant what’s going on in the Jon Del Arroz wondrous world of writing. Well then…

Flying Sparks

Probably most of you care about this, my semi-famous webcomic which has gotten me most of the small notoriety I have thus far. Many people may have noticed that it hasn’t been updating in a few weeks. Well, I learned that long time colorist Shannon Perkins got far too busy in life with a new job, and consequently was unable to continue. She hoped to finish out the issue, but just couldn’t muster the time. Former colorist Sanju Nivangune has been contracted to finish the rest of issue 7, and when he’s done with that we’ll start posting again.

Issue 8 is mostly in the bank for the line art, thanks to Jethro Morales, my favorite artist of all time.

Issue 9 is currently in progress in the writing. Finished the outline, about 1/10 done with the script.

I don’t have any side plots or bus tours or anything like that going right now, but have dozens of ideas. We’ll see if we get time in 2014 for any of them.

I kinda want to make t-shirts and stuff. Any graphic designers out there want to help me get a café press going?


Starcrossed, my Space Opera universe’s first book is about 70% complete with the 2nd draft. This will for sure need a 3rd substantive draft, perhaps a 4th.

The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle, my YA Steampunk’s first draft is complete as of yesterday. Took a break from Starcrossed to knock this out.

Now I’m trying to debate what to do for my third… so many ideas, so little time.

Short Stories and Random Stuff
3 short stories out for submission, 2 of which have been out for a really really long time. I’m going to assume that’s a good thing until notified otherwise.

Colors are started for my comic miniseries “Pistol Whipped”. Doing this first issue as a test all around to see if I should continue with it. Lisa Lamb is the colorist, who’s doing a wonderful job.

All of this while I’m about to move, and am remodeling a house!

Right now I’m reading: Carpe Diem by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee as well as The Ship Who Won by Jody Lynn Nye and Anne McCaffrey.

Here’s a baby picture.



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