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Okay, so I stole the title of this blog from my good buddy, Robert Neilson’s short story collection, which I’d super link right here to promote but I seem to be unable to find it online. He stole it, likely, from the song from The Band Wagon    Ahh… Fred Astaire. The good ol days where fun was fun. Now what was I blogging about?


I’ve noticed a lot of our fandom (by “our” I mean mostly fantasy/scienc fiction or speculative whatever you want to call it these days) seems to forget what books, movies, stories, tv, the internet, games are here to do. Certainly our culture’s had a lot of heavy moments these last few years, and of course that has to be acknowledged to some degree. But especially in the speculative elements — we’re providing an escape, levity from the harsh realities around us. We’re providing entertainment. And the key component to entertainment, though it’s obvious, is to entertain.

With how much finger pointing I see in fandom all the time, it becomes as bogged down almost as much as the awfulness that is our real political system. Every person is questioned and dissected into tiny semblances of their identity. Every work has the same done to it. Even the professionals dig at each other in these ways. And there’s no fun in that.

So let’s have some fun. I’m looking forward to reading some quality stories based on VERY funny ideas on an upcoming short story anthology I’ll be working on. The aforementioned Robert Neilson’s book had a lot of quality amusement moments as well. I want more of that in my life, and less of the negativity.

So, readers. What’ve you got that’s fun and brightens your day?

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