ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s Here! Star Realms: Rescue Run!!!

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I’ve been getting messages daily asking for when more information would be out on my novel, and it’s finally here! At least for the announcement. You’ll still have to wait til Nov 15th for delivery. I’ll have a pre order link coming soon. For now, here’s the cover and the announcement from Evil Girlfriend Media, my publisher:  

Evil Girlfriend Media is pleased to announce our newest adventure!

Since being court-martialed by the Star Empire, smuggler and thief Joan Shengtu has done what she needed to do in order to survive—gaining a reputation along the way. When a new client’s mission goes sideways, Joan finds herself caught in the middle of dueling gambits between the Star Empire and the Trade Federation. Recruited to perform the heist of a lifetime, the fate of the Star Empire rests in her hands.

On the opposite side of the galaxy, Regency BioTech manager Dario Anazao sees an unsustainable situation brewing that promises a full-scale revolution. The megacorporations of the Trade Federation have kept the population in horrible working conditions, violating their human rights. With no one else to help, Dario must take it upon himself to rescue the workers of Mars.

Can two heroes from warring factions come together to make a difference in the galaxy?

Star Realms: Rescue Run is the first novelization of the critically acclaimed Star Realms spaceship combat deckbuilding game.

Preorder open soon!

Star Realms: Rescue Run



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