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Hey everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been quiet on the blog this week, as I did promise some talk about the fantastic White Wizard Games Fair. 

The trip to Boston was awesome, though I had an earrrrrrrrrly morning flight which left me exhausted by the time I arrived at about 4PM, at which time I had to take an hour and a half bumper-to-bumper ride to get to the fair itself. I entered this trip much more tired than I usually would have been, and left even moreso. I still haven’t quite recovered all the sleep I need yet, though I’m close to normal again.

15094446_10206598843042984_1608887600323316441_n(Debbie and Me and an awesome poster!)

I participated in 3 Star Realms tournaments: two games on the digital app and one physical game Legends tournament Saturday evening. It was a ton of fun, though I learned quickly that I am not nearly as good at this game as I thought I was! I dominate in local play, did pretty respectably at Gencon, so I figured the competition would be about equal here. I was very wrong! I got smashed pretty badly in both digital tournaments, ended up 3-2 in the Legends Saturday evening.

15095669_10206601400906929_1475406566347675708_n(Antonis and Me!)

Saturday was also my signing day, which was fun. I signed several books and taught a young kid how to play Star Realms, who was overjoyed for the game. I sat at my cover artist’s table for that. He is a very nice guy, and fun to hang out with. It’s a super cool thing that I got to meet him, and I had him sign my Star Realms cards that he did the art for. Thank you for all your work Antonis!

15094254_10206598934885280_4238647879271632228_n(Tournament at the bar!)

I did end up taking a full tournament to the bar to play, much like me. Someone commented on the fact that I walk around everywhere with a martini… this is not abnormal for me at conventions! 🙂 Beyond that, it was really great meeting and hanging out with the “Legends” – prior winners of big Star Realms tournaments for those unaware – and everyone else I had the pleasure to meet or play against. It’s such a great community and definitely worth much more involvement in the future. Trying to play some games on the app with folk this week!


I also got to check out White Wizard Games’ new demo, Sorcerer, which is a 2-player strategy card game. You start by building decks SmashUp style, and then you compete over 3 battlefields playing your spells and minions at each of those and trying to do a certain amount of damage to each. It’s a pretty cool concept and I like a lot of what they had there. The game is a bit deeper than Star Realms or Epic and should be fun. Art and design look fantastic as always. My only concern is it’s a bit of a long game, and as I am usually short on time, it would be helpful if there was a way to reduce that time.

Was a great weekend and I really look forward to seeing everyone again. Hopefully Gencon 2017 will work out for that.  Thank you WWG staff and volunteers, you are all the best!

My flight home landed me in San Francisco around 4PM after another early morning wake up on Sunday. I went out to dinner with my wife, which was awesome, and then had work the next day, playing catch up for missing Friday. So I haven’t blogged since then, but I did get to do a Geekchats with bestselling fantasy author Michael J. Sullivan yesterday, which was a lot of fun. He is a really sharp guy and a class act, check it out if you haven’t:

And that’s all to report for now. Please keep picking up Star Realms; Rescue Run and leave reviews on Amazon! http://bit.ly/starrealmsnovel Happy Thanksgiving!

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