Anxiety Dreams

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I have some pretty strange anxiety-based dreams, and have for the longest time. Not sure what’s involved with it but because of that, I have trouble sleeping when I’m not in my own bed, especially when I’m in a car or on an airplane—as I have this phobia where I think if I’m not awake to do something or react, that I may die in that situation. Every time I fall asleep on a pain I wake up in a panic when there’s a bump. In a car, I feel my neck starting to weigh heavy and wake up thinking it’s going to snap from my head rolling. It’s pretty draining at times.

I think my most difficult dream was in 2009 or so, when I was certain that we were getting nuked by North Korea. I, before I was awake and cognizant, ran outside, saw the early 5 am morning sun with a ton of red in the sky, and really panicked until I realized where I was and what I was doing.

Last night, I woke up thinking that fluid was filling my lungs and I was going to die, and also thought I was an extreme old age. It was bizarre, and partially because I’ve been pretty sick this last week (which is why I’ve been quieter than usual).

Anyone else have odd sleeping patterns like this? Is there anything to be done about it? When it happens, I spend the next day so tired and drained, and therefore unproductive. Would be nice to have a solution.

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