MONSTER! – Part 2

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I LOVE being told how stupid I am, or uneducated, or uninformed or whatnot. It makes my day most of the time. When it happens, I cackle from my office like I’m Lex Luthor or Dr. Claw, which garners odd looks from my assistant. And that’s all the impact it has for you folk signalling your great intelligence, and amazing time management skills, by doing such.

Awhile back I started a testimonials page on here which I used in a light hearted manner, for friends to make roasting jabs at me. I found the concept amusing because many author pages, backs of books, etc, have all these quick testimonials/reviews where a sentence or two, or sometimes just a word (“Dazzling” – Someone Who Sounds Like An Authority) in praise that really doesn’t tell you anything about whether you’d like the author or their work (Hey, it could mean “it’s dazzling how stupid this is”).

Those blurbs are something that has to be done for marketing purposes, of course. I too had a few of my favorite well-known author friends read my book and leave their impression of it, for which I’m eternally thankful (Elizabeth Moon read my book! How cool is that? You should too). But I also like to have fun with these concepts.

As tensions have increased in certain circles within the science fiction writing community, mostly due to an endless vacuum of an echo chamber of fake news causing people to have heart attacks that the apocalypse is imminent, I find I’m getting some fun attacks from well-respected colleagues. So I have decided to add those to my list as I accrue them in the future, for both your and my amusement. Think of it as I’m collecting absurd personal attacks like they’re Pokemon.


I only wish I had kept some of the great ones of the past, as I’ve had some very famous celebrities say pretty terrible things to me. But that is another story for another time.

You can view some of my current testimonials here:

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