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I had quite a few post ideas in the hopper for the end of 2016, but a bout of flu + bronchitis smacking me directly in the lugs and head made for those plans to disappear rather quickly. I haven’t really had the ability to do a 2016 reflection to the extent I’d like, but I have a few quick thoughts of my favorite parts of 2016:

Favorite Non-Fiction Book:  The Only Rule Is It Has To Work by Ben Lindbergh & Sam Miller

Favorite Non-Star Realms Book: Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen by Lois McMaster Bujold

Favorite Movie: I’m not sure I saw any other than Rogue One in 2016, so take that for what it’s worth.

Favorite Game: Star Wars: Destiny, going strong.

Favorite TV Show: The Americans, going strong for many consecutive years.

Favorite Restaurant: Cesar in Berkeley, CA. Fantastic Spanish food.

Favorite Sports Moment: Rich Hill getting pulled out of a perfect game for the sheer audacity of it. Never before in history.

Favorite Comic: Rachel Rising. Sad to see it end but it ended wonderfully, go buy it.

Lots of favorites. In honesty, despite all the facebook/twitter posts I read on such a regular basis about dead celebrities (that people are so enamored with  almost none of the posters were posting about them before they passed), 2016 was an excellent year, and shaped to be one of the better of my life.

I made some great new friends at Gencon this year, including the incredible Shane Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Benson of Mindworm Games and many others. Solidified a lot more friendships there as well. The White Wizard Game Fair was just as much or perhaps even more fun than Gencon, which speaks to the hard work and dedication of the team there, as well as the wonderful community of Star Realms.

Media content wise, been blogging a lot more regularly, started the “GeekChats” series with guests, both bestselling authors: Todd McCaffrey and Michael J Sullivan. I hope to make this a much more regular occurance in 2017 and already have some cool guests and topics lined up, which I’ll solidify more as my health permits.

Wrapped up and said goodbye to Doomtown: Reloaded with a bunch of fiction for that game, which was fun. Did a nice setting for the Tiny Frontiers RPG and closed out the year with a flash fiction for another AEG game, The Captain Is Dead.

Of course, the kicker is I released my first novel, of which has received overwhelming praise via amazon reviews and critics alike, for which I am grateful.  For some odd reason it has a mention in “tv tropes” http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/TabletopGame/StarRealms  which I just discovered upon googling the book. That’s a fun website and no idea how that got on there but happy it is!

Personal life is going great. Wonderful family, more friends than ever before, and more fans telling me they love my work than even in the heyday of Flying Sparks, my old webcomic. Couldn’t ask for more blessings.

But I will try to earn more blessings in 2017! This year I aim to release two long-form fiction works at the very least, get GeekChats going very regularly, talk here about more stuff that interests me and maybe even do a podcast (I am looking for people with editing/co-host abilities, drop me a line).  It aims to be an even better year than last.

Thanks for sticking with me. I may be quiet for a couple days longer as I wait for these anti-biotics to clear out the gunk inside me, but I aim to go full blast soon after that.

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