New SF: Stephanie Osborn’s Alpha And Omega

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My friend Stephanie Osborn has a new book out today. Looks cool!  here’s the info:

Chromosphere Press Announces the Latest from Stephanie Osborn!

2 January 2017 — Huntsville, AL

Stephanie Osborn, aka the Interstellar Woman of Mystery, former rocket scientist and author of acclaimed science fiction mysteries, goes back to the urban legend of the unique group of men and women who show up at UFO sightings, alien abductions, etc. and make things…disappear…to craft her vision of the universe we don’t know about. Her new series, Division One, chronicles this universe through the eyes of recruit Megan McAllister, aka Omega, and her experienced partner, Echo, as they handle everything from lost alien children to extraterrestrial assassination attempts and more.

Dr. Megan McAllister was already a pretty unique human — NASA astronaut, professional astronomer, polymath — when she encountered the man in the black Suit that night in west Texas. What Division One Agent Echo didn’t know, when he recruited her to the Agency, was that she was even more special.

But he’d find out, soon enough.

Book One, Alpha and Omega, will be released in ebook formats on 10 January, 2017, and in trade paperback format on 24 January. Additional installments in the ongoing series are anticipated later this year.


978-0-9982888-0-2 (ebook)

978-0-9982888-1-9 (print)

The ebooks are available for preorder at:

Amazon (Kindle):

Barnes-Noble (Nook):

Other formats, and trade paper, will be available from your favorite bookseller!

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