What YOU Like Is Literally Hitler

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The above photo is of me, while I was pretty deathly ill with bronchitis. A friend, who I won’t attribute for his own safety, added the iconic ugly mustache that was popular in the 1930s to the picture, to let me know that I, in all that I do, am literally Hitler. I thank him for this, as what would I have done had I not had someone to let me know that, and had the opportunity to reflect on such seriousness?

I’ve had some fun this week by putting up a GoFundMe about such an absurd cause, and so out of left-field by having 2 goals that are completely unrelated, that it brought amusement to thousands of people when it went viral. If you’re reading my blog for the first time because of that, hi! I’m actually a serious writer who writes mostly serious adventure science fiction stories. I like humor too though. Please check out my project, The Washington Redskins, here: https://www.gofundme.com/amazon-echo-trevor-plouffe-jersey I’ll remind that 1 like = 1 prayer.

What’s happened over the course of this, for those who don’t follow me closely, is that this video went viral. It’s been shared hundreds of times, giving my campaign thousands of views. People thought it was hilarious! I’ve never had such a media success yet. So thank you for tuning in.

There have on the flip side been a couple haters, who when my video was shared, started posting nasty things. These are some losers who have attacked me for several months because they are soooooo triggered by my “wrongthink” that they literally can’t even.  It’s pretty amusing, and it always comes back to the same ridiculous online sentiment that’s cropped up these last few months.

A large segment of the facebook population, which you would do well to remember that you are an extreme vocal minority sample size of the real population, have made a rallying cry for months that anyone who disagrees with them is literally (and I’ve used that word multiple times on purpose for emphasis of how even that word has been rendered meaningless this year) Hitler. No, worse than Hitler! Even Hitler would decry such actions!

One would have thought that would have died down after November. It happened in 2012 too, and it quickly went away. But this time, it actually escalated at that point.

I’ve been the target of death threats, some crazy stuff that if I hadn’t gone to 4chan before in my life, I would probably take a lot more seriously and contact the police over. I still probably should. And what’s interesting, is I very rarely say much about anything that would offend them. I think because I don’t, it actually sends them to another level of triggering, since they have no means by which to come on my page and attack me, as I give no ammunition. It’s an interesting sociological experience to analyze that, but that may be another blog post for another time.

What upsets people so much, is since I find it annoying to have my feed cluttered with that nonsense, when I, like most of the internet, are here to look at videos of cats being cute, and I take exception to having my morning coffee spoiled by HITLERHITLERHITLERHITLER OH MY GAWWWWWWWWD HITLER, that I started just saying positive things contrary to their narrative as a quip response.  As folk are predispositioned  toward negative mindsets who post these sorts of things, that frequently sends them over the top.

What transpires: Is –I- therefore am Hitler. It’s almost always a white male with a 100% anglo name accusing me of something nonsensical at this juncture. You can fill in the picture yourself  in your own mind (that’s what good storytellers do for you!).

There’s a base social cause for this: One, that people are so engrained in the internet and fantasy and entertainment at this point, that they play out scenarios in their minds as if it’s a movie, epic film score and all, and exaggerate situations to where they and friends are the action hero and anyone who disagrees with them is literally Hans Gruber. That’s dangerous enough by itself, but if you combine the cultural and social pressure that is instilled in school, film, books and anything else from youth that “If only someone had stood up to Hitler, we could have saved so many lives!”, which is historically kinda stupid by itself, but also very persuasive rhetoric, you end up with a ticking time bomb situation.

There’s nothing you can do to stop it, though. If you ignore, their bubble grows and it normalizes it. If you criticize it, you get attacked (which can be fun).

I’ve decided if you can’t beat them, join them! If some things are literally Hitler, those things are, by definition, things, therefore all things by being associated with things are, in fact, literally Hitler. Don’t be dissuaded by the fact that I overused such a non-descript word as things to make this point, look at it logically as the Hitler-posters do.

In order to assist, I’m providing metaphorical examples so that people can understand how they too can change any topic, and criticize anyone, to ensure that they are called the Nazi they deserve to be called. These are not necessarily my opinions on what is literally Hitler and what isn’t, as I’ve already proved by empirical logic that we are all literally Hitler, but are meant to serve as the parables that Jesus taught, so that you can apply them to your own life.

I took to Facebook to ask for these examples, and have chosen ones that people gave to me that I thought would be most interesting.

Please, enjoy:

The Aristocrats movie, a 2005 film that poked fun at the actual dangerous and nasty world of Hollywood casting couches. Wow, what can I say. This movie offended Sarah Silverman, because it hit too close to home as something she experienced. Being Jewish, she literally had ancestors, who in the past, experienced serious things that hit too close to home too, and that was called the Nazis. As that was serious, we need to respect Sarah Silverman’s plight, otherwise we’re not taking claims seriously, which leads to people like Hitler coming into power. When people like Hitler come into power, Nazi Germany happens, and therefore we should ban the Aristocrats movie.

Legend of the Five Rings is an RPG/Card Game about imperialist Japan. It, by definition of glorifying that, glorifies rape, pillage and murder. But there’s actually something far more sinister about it. Imperialist Japan allied itself with Nazi Germany in WW2. Therefore, people fantasizing about this world are truly fantasizing about being allies with Hitler, which makes them Nazis. L5R should be banned as a result.

Warm Summer Nights, Especially at Summer Solstice. This really brings back memories of the Nazi’s campaign in Africa, where the equatorial region is very warm, like summer solstice in many areas of the world, but all year round. Nazis occupied this area, and therefore occupied all of the warm summer nights, especially at Summer Solstice. Such a thing is a horrific memory, and therefore we should not think of it again lest we wish Nazis to rise to power.

Godwin’s Law. Godwin’s Law states that an internet discussion if it goes long enough, will eventually evoke Nazi Germany. This one is about the most sinister of all, since it immediately evokes Nazi Germany. Why would someone want a law on the internet that promotes such a thing? The only reason is a Nazi agenda to get everyone talking about it.

My book, Star Realms: Rescue Run. This one is perhaps the easiest of all. If you look at Facebook, I have been called a literal nazi on not one, but dozens of occasions. This is because I voted for President Donald J Trump, and he is, empirically, literally Hitler. Therefore this is a Nazi sympathizer work. It’s also really fun and you should buy it today! http://bit.ly/starrealmsnovel


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