Elizabeth Moon’s Trading In Danger – The Catch Up Post!

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Happy Saturday everyone! over the last couple weeks I’ve been doing a casual study/read of Elizabeth Moon’s awesome space opera novel, Trading In Danger. This is the first book in the Vatta’s War series. Ms. Moon is a master in this genre, and  this series is worth the study for writers and Space Opera fans alike. Most importantly, she has a new book in the series coming out in April which I’m very excited about, and  is what’s prompting this read.

I’ve been breaking it down chapter by chapter, and reading one chapter a day, so it’s very easy to catch up and read along with me if you’d like!

Below are links to all of the posts so far for easy access:

Ch1 http://delarroz.com/?p=312

Ch2 http://delarroz.com/?p=315

Ch3 http://delarroz.com/?p=319

Ch4 http://delarroz.com/?p=322

Ch5 http://delarroz.com/?p=331

Ch6 http://delarroz.com/?p=351

Ch7 http://delarroz.com/?p=353

Ch8  http://delarroz.com/?p=356

Ch9 http://delarroz.com/?p=363

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