When Journalists Refuse to Journal (#MiloGate)

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I’m noting a trend in events, where if you go across the nets, tv, or whatnot that the mainstream fake news seems to avoid any sort of confrontational commentary to their narrative. 

We have confirmed riots, I personally know people who were “severely injured” according to their own texts who were on site at UC Berkeley last night. They also have made claims that what went on was far worse than reported.

Last night from 8:30 to about 10:30 PM PST, the news about the UC Berkeley terrorist riots went dark. No live streams anywhere, save for a sole helicopter feed from ABC 7 where you couldn’t see anything. No Periscopes broadcasting live. The Berkeley PD scanner and UC Berkeley Campus PD scanner had half conversations, very quiet, as if they had been ordered to go dark.

We wait almost 12 full hours before UC Berkeley and its chancellor issue a statement, claiming they’re strongly condemning the actions last night — but also in the same breath virtue signalling that they stand against all that Milo Yiannopoulos is doing.

Wait, they stand against? Why? Why won’t they just flat out condemn without any caveats. Here’s where journalism comes in, and where it’s missing in America today. I’m annoyed that I have to be the one to do this, but apparently no one else will, so it’s up to me to bring you guys information.  Many of you probably watched my live blog/commenting via facebook as I garnered information on the events last night, and I provided that service for free!

But there’s more important matters at the heart of what happened last night. There are reports floating around that:

  1. The UC Police were told to stand down, and allowed the rioters to have their way with property damage, injury and attempted murder of people.
  2. In the midst of this ZERO arrests were made.

I’m not sure who’s in charge of this, but UC Berkeley, its chancellor, and its leadership are at least somewhat responsible as public officials if this is true. I’m trying to get confirmation or denial of this. If this was allowed to happen, then they knowingly, after taking $6,000 in security fees from the Berkeley College Republicans, allowed free speech to be silenced, and created this wanton destruction in the city. This cannot be allowed to be ignored.

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