Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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Thank you everyone for such a warm response yesterday. I appreciate all the love and support more than you know. Feel free to keep in touch too as I’ll have your back in these situations as well as best as I am able.  I’ll try to get out 2 posts today: one on responses to my blog yesterday and one a little about me and upcoming projects for those new to the site (thank you for reading!).

For now, here’s my follow up article of which I have to give a huge thanks to Vox Day for giving me a platform. I had no mouth, and I wanted to scream, to butcher Harlan Ellison. Now that mouth has been cut open and I’m prepared for war. Post is here:

On twitter, you can’t link his blog, it’s blocked. So this is a good spot to repost since they haven’t caught onto my wrongthink yet.

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6 thoughts on “Si vis pacem, para bellum!

  1. There are plenty of us who are more left than right who also support your right to vote for whomever the hell you want, and to be public in your support if you so choose. I will be buying your book for my husband.

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