Sure, I’m Making It Up

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Those of you who have been following me on facebook, gab and here, might have seen how I did a little investigative journalism last week about UC Berkeley and Milo, and how they gave a response citing there were “no reported injuries” in their attempt to damage control and suppress media interest in the terrible situation.

That was technically true. It also was a complete lie and spin of the situation. The reason that there were no reported injuries, was that the police weren’t taking statements, which I found out from one of the severely injured victims of the riots.

This is a valuable lesson in how spin works and how SJWs operate. I shall leave, as a journalist once more for the Sith Lord News Network, the result of my investigations below, which shows a clear of picture for what’s been going on at Baycon. You may note my original post was a concern, and a call to action to fix the situation. It was not a personal attack by any means. The organizers have changed that.

“But no, this can’t just be a case of hurt feelings. It must be the tragic fate befalling someone who is a lonely dot of red in California’s sea of blue” – Passive aggressive clip from Baycon’s official response on some fake news website that I won’t give traffic.

They did post a picture of me in a beautiful MAGA hat with an American Flag behind me though. I look hot!

Commenter yesterday:

Commenter yesterday:

From the Baycon Chair’s Facebook on a passive aggressive post about me, again, where there OP politically tied me to the Trump admin, totally in a non-political way to spin this, with a snark about “alternative facts”

They’ve got a problem. It’s not just me. But my book outselling their Guest of Honor tonight certainly might be a bit of egg on their face. Probably why they’re scrambling so hard on damage control now after so much ignoring. C’est la vie!

Good news is, I’m not unwelcome. Hmm… This is an interesting fact to know. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: The programming director made a comment on another thread that is illuminating. You’ll see the beginnings of giving up on the “It’s not politically motivated” narrative as the facts come to light with others who have expressed the same issues. Now it’s “conduct or speech” BASED on ideology. Which… amounts to ideology.

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One thought on “Sure, I’m Making It Up

  1. They don’t care how many lights you see, or how many you believe there are, provided you tell them that there are five of them. These people read mistook 1984 for an instruction manual.

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