Fake Furry News!

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Shocking. Truly shocking.

On the heels of the robust Alt-Furry community gaining prominence through an article telling their side of the story, or at least a mostly unbiased one, Vice magazine has upped the ante, gaslighting and making it clear that– what should I dub them–  normie-Furries should do their duty and attack them, similar to the whole “punch a nazi” meme-ing that hit social media last week, an ugly attempt to get SJWs to stop using ideas and argument, and start using violence to silence anyone they disagree with. Or, you know, silencing as it may be.

All sorts of smear and slander are inside: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/even-furries-are-fighting-fascists?utm_source=vicetwitterus

As I’m fending off much of my own smear and slander, and I have the honor of having some well known Sad Pooka friends and readers, I strongly condemn these terrible mischaracterizations of these dear souls and suits. Condemn and disavow! The Alt-Furries would never harm a fly, I tell you.  I mean, unless that was their avatar’s natural food source. But that’s another story.

On a side note, I had submitted a panel to the infamous Baycon about Diversity and Furries, and how these kind souls needed acceptance as much as anyone else. Guess what the response was? Someone’s gotta stand up for them! Write your local science fiction convention and demand Furry justice. Here’s Baycon’s programming email in case you’re passionate about this issue and want to help a furred friend gain the love and acceptance he or she deserves:

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