The Art Of The Troll

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There’s a LOT of posting going on now, messages, comments, fake amazon reviews, trying to troll me. I expected this backlash fully. What I did not expect… that these people don’t know how to troll effectively. There are some efforts going on that I don’t want to dissuade because I find it awesome, as it helps me tremendously. I’m going to hold off on mentioning them in public for now, but there is some possibility of top kek goin’ on from a backfire perspective.

By the same token, my heart hurts when I see such bad, gamma attempts at trolling. As a veteran of the Great Meme War Of 2016, Kekistani Citizen and #PepLivesMatter activist, I almost feel obliged to help them.


What do you think, should I write it, internets?

Quick tips to avoid this result:

  1. Don’t Concern Troll – “You’re headed down a bad path and you don’t want to associate with THOSE types” messages, followed with bait about how they really are concerned for you. First, trolling done in private only has the maximum possible yield of getting one person mad. Might not even get to public. Second, no one ever buys the concern. It’s boring, it’s useless. We’ve seen it before and no one cared. It’s like Mike Huckabee running for president.
  2. Don’t “I’ll get you by saying bad things about you, ha!”  Never works. Every time you do this, your target is then given the potential to repost it and actually GAIN from the situation. This is like Little Marco trying to talk about the hands.
  3. Not taking the steps to ensure a troll reaches maximum yield. Bad Amazon reviewer who didn’t even bother to purchase the book so it’s “verified” by Amazon, I’m talking to you. No one’s going to see it because you didn’t even make the full effort. Low energy, Jeb! style.

    The internet is a busy place. We only have time to make real funny things go viral. You gotta avoid these pitfalls and more if you truly wanna top kek.

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2 thoughts on “The Art Of The Troll

  1. Hi,

    I know nothing and care little about the SJW dispute. The noise however attracted my attention to your “Flying Sparks” comic. I’ve tried to sample your work there.

    You may not be aware that only the current page displays. “previous” and “first” and “archive” links — useful for a new reader to get into the presentation — are all resulting in 404 errors.

    Don’t know and don’t care if this is due to attacks by SJWs or idiocy on the part of the web-manager, but I do think you ought to be aware and take steps as you deem fit.

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