A Mailing List + Crowd Sourcing A Book Title

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I’m getting hip and with it in this modern internet age with a mailing list, as I realized I’ve skipped that valuable marketing step. I won’t post to it except for new releases and perhaps a couple of times to push for Dragon Award nominations, so it will be low additional email quotient for you. It is worth it as a reminder for when my new awesome books come out (which will be soon!): http://eepurl.com/cBSuDn  link and I also have a handy dandy button on the bar up above. Please sign up!

Also, I’m taking a poll on what’s the best title for my Steampunk YA I’m working on. I’m going to go with the most votes of my readers, so let your voice be heard! https://twitter.com/TBR_Otomo/status/831239633547595776

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