I’m done!

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Finished up my pass on For Steam and Country and sent it off to be edited and prettied up. It turned out very nicely. I think it may be even more fun than Rescue Run, if that’s possible. The concept is that a teenaged girl finds out that her father is dead and that she’s inherited an airship, only to find an invading army nipping at her heels to try to steal it and take her hostage.

It’s super fun, I’ll write more on it as it gets closer. In a lot of ways it’s a love letter to Final Fantasy and I’m excited to get it out to you guys.

One quick fun thing is I made title burbs at the beginning of every chapter that slowly unfolds the background of how a lot of the side characters got to chapter 1. I made up my own date system for my fantasy world, and I actually for one line in there spent over an hour figuring out how much time passed during the novel to make sure it’s internally consistent for that. There’s no way for a reader to verify it, but it does satisfy my OCD as a writer.

Stay tuned for more updates on For Steam and Country. For now, check out Star Realms: Rescue Run if you haven’t. If you have, leave a review. If you’ve done that, vote for it for Best Military Science Fiction and Fantasy for the Dragon Awards. If you’ve done that, I LOVE YOU! 🙂

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