46 Days Of Lent – Bye Bye Facebook

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And thus comes the time of year in which we reflect and honor God’s sacrifice to the world when he became a man, took up the mantle of the cross for our sins, and finally overcame death itself in order to cleanse our eternal souls from sins.

I watched as a couple of really wonderful authors — A.M. Freeman and L. Jagi Lamplighter-Wright had made the commitment to give up their facebook feeds as an act of sacrifice, in order to help better reflect upon what Christ did for us in this season.

I found that inspiring.

In the modern day, giving up that feed is about the toughest thing one can possibly do, and I find myself compelled to follow suit in my own reflections and spiritual journey to get closer to Christ.  To my friends, readers and fellow authors: I’ll be off of the book during this season. The only time you’ll see me post is if there’s business matters: blog posts autoposting, interviews, goodreads linking to the site with reviews, and the like. Beyond that, I won’t be checking feeds, I won’t be looking at comments as best I can (I too and human and fall short!!). I will use messenger as that’s how I communicate for business most of the time — so if you need me, or want me to look at something, don’t tag or leave a comment for me, talk to me directly. You can still leave comments here, but Facebook is the time suck, it’s mostly filled with angry political rants that accomplish nothing these days, and so it’s a good thing to give up in His service.

I’ll be deleting the app from my phone tonight. This’ll be really tough, so I’ll see you on the flip side, internets!

Soli Deo gloria! 

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