It’s #WorldBooksDay!

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I found out because of the hashtag on twitter. This is a wonderful thing!

If you’d like to help out your friendly neighborhood author me, I would be much appreciative if you, my trusty reader friends, would share up Star Realms: Rescue Run with the hashtag #WorldBooksDay in order to help further get the word out about this super fun space adventure set in the world of the hit deckbuilding game.  is the link. Go forth on social media and share!

If you’ve already got the book or done that, I can always use more reviews on the amazon link above. We are at 42 and I’d love to get to 50. Even if you’ve only read a chapter, go ahead and tell the world what you thought of it.

If you’ve already done that then goodreads is a great spot where you can easily just click to give it a rating, or paste in a full review if you feel inclined: 

And if you’ve already done that, there’s the Dragon Awards 2017 nominations which are open for business. Put in Star Realms: Rescue Run by Jon Del Arroz in the Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy category please!

Whew! And if you already have done even that, you are truly my best friend in the whole world. I love you more than you know. There’s still one more thing you can do which would be to register for my mailing list. I only use it for giveaways and to announce new books. It’s the best and easiest way to keep up with those so they’re right at your fingertips: 

Thank you friends and enjoy your #WorldBooksDay

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