More From The Anti-Christian/Conservative Bigots In SF/F

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I hate having to post about this sort of thing so often, as I would like to have fun and enjoy astounding strange new worlds with thrills, action, adventure and romance… but unfortunately a group has been so brainwashed by a small but vocal group of haters that they will shout down anything, even a private club’s list of books they enjoy:

Superversive SF has released their "Best of 2016 list" from books

From Reddit.

This is a shame. If only conventions like Baycon didn’t promote this kind of hatred and vitriol, perhaps we could live in a world where people can enjoy art, books and culture without getting bashed.

I’ve had my share of this myself just from the author community. As I’ve linked in my testimonials page, several big name authors have, in their bigotry and hatred against me, called me all sorts of names and decided they can’t be associated with thoooooose types. It’s really sad that politics dictates everything in their existence.

I will call out the authors who were awful to me over these matters:

J. Michael Straczynski

Sharon Lee

Katherine Locke

M. Todd Gallowglass

End your bigotry now. Stop posting fake news shrieking about fake racist nazis ad nauseam. Act like human beings again and make Science Fiction fun again. ¬†Even if you hate me personally because you literally can’t even, think of what you are influencing your fans to do to these other authors. Think about how hard you work to build an audience and how hard it is starting out. Reason and stop shilling overreactions and emotional hatred against your fellow artists.


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