New Projects Round Up

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Made a lot of progress in the last couple of days. Here’s the skinny of it while I’m hard at work:

  1. Edits of For Steam and Country coming back today. I’ll have to dive in and make my own follow up corrections to the work and work on the next clean up pass before copy editing.
  2. Last evening, Reach For The Stars became the 4th novel I’ve written, clocking in at 91,000 words. It is set in the same universe as the first novel I wrote. It’s meant to be a standalone series that can be read in tandem with my main space opera line, but it very much launches a distinct and separate story. You’ll see soon enough. I’m very happy with how it turned out. I used 4 different perspective stories that call converge together and it’s awesome how it does.  As this is a first draft, this will take some time before it gets to your hands. It’s a blend of a general science fiction book and space opera and I’m excited about it.
  3. You’re thinking “first book?” and then scrolling through my amazon page to only find Star Realms, which is the third book I wrote. Yes, first book. I don’t even have a tentative title I like for this one. It’s my main space opera line that I’ve been conceiving for more than a decade in my head, but I wasn’t pleased with the draft and went on to work on other projects for the last few years.That experience made me figure out what was missing, how to fix it, and I’ll be hitting a rewrite of this hard over the summer. I’m excited for it as I intend to use this world for many books and a long time. It’s possible Reach For The Stars will be published first even though I utilize the same universe. My blog readers will know there’s a very rich world behind it
  4. Started work on one short story for an anthology I was invited to (about halfway done) and thinking about another. Hope to knock these out quickly while I’m editing For Steam and Country this week.
  5. I’ll be editing a short story science fiction anthology later this year. Preliminarily thinking about how that’s going to shape up. Will have more details later.
  6. I realized I have a LOT of short stories sitting on my hard drive. Part of me wants to put out a collection of short stories. Does anyone buy those?
  7. On the back burner (i’ll get to these when I can, and am thinking about them): A pulpy sci-fi serial which will involve clones and magic. The space princess novel I promised JimFear138.  Sequels to all my books. The baseball in space novella i was touting for awhile, as I don’t think that one’s quite where I want it yet.

And that’s all for now. Hopefully it’ll be enough to keep you guys reading 🙂

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