Bleeding Cool’s Attack Backfires Among Own Readers

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It’s pretty easy to defend the truth, as I found when having to deal with a smaller news site attacking me a couple months ago. Look at all these positive comments:

Guy hit the nail right on the head… he spoke about them accurately and how everything is going with them

My love of diversity in storytelling says, yes, Marvel (and DC) should hire conservative creators as much as they hire democratic ones.

He’s not wrong and he can’t be any worse than the person writing America. Marvel does seriously need to clean house of the Slotts and Waids.

I say that Bleeding Cool should hire John Del Arroz

Tough love is always most appreciated in hindsight. Arroz said EVERYTHING Marvel absolutely needs to be hearing right now! God bless Arroz

Amen. Enough of the Social Justice League at Marvel.

He’s 100% correct about Marvel and it’s writers and why it’s in the shit can with sales.

I’d love to see John Del Arroz hired just because so many “great” comic book writers at Marvel are just overrated hacks.

#PulpRevolution. What is that? That sounds totally up my alley

would fit right in with some of Marvel’s talents.

Holy smokes.. I would buy 2 copies of every John Del Arroz comic if he were hired. After reading that rant he made, I felt compelled to stand up and salute! Marvel needs a guy like this

Man, how can ANYONE read this, and not want the guy to write to marvel?

And for the record, since they were quite concerned about how my post somehow in not mentioning the great comics writer, Chuck Dixon, was somehow a slight on him: I would totally approve of more books by Mr. Dixon. All the books by Mr. Dixon wouldn’t be a bad choice. I’ve also messaged him personally to let him know I offer up as penance my complete collection of his Nightwing run, in that I obviously was not a true fan enough. I hope he accepts!

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8 thoughts on “Bleeding Cool’s Attack Backfires Among Own Readers

    • And the proof is how these threads are filled with comments by Jon’s new supporters and fans!

      Jon’s self-published fan-fiction is awesome!

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