The Triumph /pol/ Special Forces: Pepe Team 6

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There is an unbelievable amount of Kekistaniphobia out there, believe me. It’s some of the worst hate and bigotry anyone could imagine. Kek is strong, and its power intensifies every time. It doesn’t stop the hate, however. It got so bad that a prominent political campaign tried to defame this entire group of people, and they lost as they concentrated all of their efforts on that nutty stuff instead of, you know, real stuff like jobs. Green frogs are people too, okay?  #DiversityMakesUsStronger or something.

We are still in the midst of fallout from the Great Meme War of 2016, where /pol/ forces liberated the United States and Great Britain from evil masterminds set on global domination. After a Shock and Awe operation, it takes time to secure the peace and turn many of these hateful insurgents back into normal people again.

This all began when Shia LaBeouf put up a totally Kekistani discriminatory exhibit called “He Will not Divide Us” where losers could come on youtube and cry 24-7. This was infiltrated by /pol/ agents, taking over the screen with MAGA hats and happy people who enjoy life and aren’t total losers. Naturally, the stream was taken down to avoid further embarrassment to the #resist crowd, who have seemed to impact literally nothing except to provide me lawlz.

What happened next was the Shia put a HWNDU flag up top a flagpole somewhere, and 4Chan used their CIA-level skills to track that flag down, and replace it with a Pepe shirt and MAGA Hat.  

The third action of /pol/ to secure the peace was a on a different front. Some “art” exhibit went up of a little girl staring down the Wall St. Bull… as if to make some sort of communist messaging out of that as well. I’m not sure what the obsession of these #resist types are of little children (PIZZAGATE!) but it seems to be consistent, even in their art. Naturally, that was MAGA-hatted several times as well.

And then, in yet another act of terrorism against the people of Kekistan, Shia put up the HWNDU flag in yet another undisclosed location. Would this time work? Would he finally triumph in striking fear into the poor, war ravaged (from the great meme war) Kekistani people?

Shia certainly got bold with such a proclamation. He remained defiant, despite the great losses that his native land of Cuckistan has taken in this war. But he forgot one important thing: the forces of Kek are all powerful. They have the power to bend reality, change it, alter timelines.  /pol/ worked hard, and sent their best special forces team ever: Pepe Team 6, to end this terrible tragedy once and for all.  The terrorist flag location was found, and a strike was ordered.

A rare photo of Pepe Team 6 member, hard at work for the nation of Kekistan:

And thus, Pepe Team 6 was triumphant. For Kekistan, for /pol/ for all of us. You can rest safely, knowing that in this great and dangerous war, /pol/ remains undefeated in capture the flag.

thank you diligent journalists @pizzapartyben and @polnewsnetwork1 for providing some of this information.


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