Cernovich on FAKE NEWS 60 Minutes Tonight

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I for one am very excited. We know how this goes. News media acts like they take an idea (like my very verifiable story about Marvel comics), selectively edits and then completely twists what’s being said in order to attempt to destroy and discredit the person. They ignore the real story, but the thing is — the readers and viewers don’t. We are picking off a few here and few there every time. Reasonable, sane people who aren’t all for their cause see “there’s something wrong here” and read what we say in earnest, and over time, support us, because we’re honest.

Author Jon Mollison noted on social media about me: “he’s like the social media Hulk. That only makes him stronger!” – this applies to Cernovich 100-fold, as he’s far more adroit than I am at this game, and been at it longer than I am.

They’ll blast Cernovich with all sorts of lies or misrepresentations of what he says tonight, just As Bleeding Cool and File 770 did to me. Every time they do it though, they discredit themselves and give us more of a voice. I can’t wait to watch, as Cernovich calls it, their “selectively edited interview.” ┬áTune in.

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