If You Ever Remotely Thought FAKE NEWS Wasn’t A Conspiracy…

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A simple duckduckgo search reveals something pretty ridiculous. All of these news agencies — or we should start calling them what they are, blogs — with the same headline, same content, which is about the most pointless content that anyone ever could invent (they literally have that much nothing on this guy that this is their attack? lol). All within a day of each other. They all are their own echo feedback loop that is worse than a UC Santa Cruz student’s facebook feed. There is no investigation, no thought, it’s just repeat the narrative. The FAKE NEWS media is in the tank, and is the enemy of rational thought and by proxy the American people. This is why I talk about this every day. It is pure corruption and idiocy in FAKE NEWS and BIG ENTERTAINMENT, and we need to bring back rationality.

Frankly, looking at this, that’s not a bad policy Mr. Pence engages in. Probably leads to a happier and healthier marriage. I may have to try this myself.

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One thought on “If You Ever Remotely Thought FAKE NEWS Wasn’t A Conspiracy…

  1. I have no doubt there’s a JournoPros list in play with regard to this. They’ve existed before, and not just in the MSM. (GameJournoPros, for one.)

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