Book Blast: The I’m Busy Writing Like A Mad Man Edition

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Reviewing my new chapters of my forthcoming steampunk novel, For Steam And Country before getting it back to my editor for his work. Then I’ve outlined a new short piece for an anthology that I submitted to, then I wrote a 2,000 word outline for a potential comic series I’d like to develop, and then I have to pare down another short story for an anthology as it was a bit too long. Whew! Busy weekend.

But I promised last month that I’d be doing a Book Blast, similar to the Correia’s Book Bomb, once a month. And this is the last day of March! My big recommendations this month are:

Excalibur by Tim Marquitz – Space Opera pulp goodness. This has been so much fun to read. I haven’t finished yet as reading time has been limited, but I’m about 50% in and I highly recommend.

Aye, Robot by Robert Kroese. I haven’t gotten to this one yet, but I loved everything else in the series (a book and 2 shorts worth of material). It’s a Star Wars-ish spoof, it’s fast paced and hilarious. it’s next on my list after Excalibur.

And for the shorter work category this month: Lynessa’s Curse by Adam David Collings. Really quick read, short novella. It’s pure action/adventure in the classic sense.

Excelsior, friends! See you when I come out of this mad dash of writing.

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