Marvel Starting To Get The Picture

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In a little more than a week after Bleeding Cool went FAKE NEWS on me and wrote a hit piece on an indie author in defense of a giant evil megacorporation, ignoring my legitimate concerns about current editorial having destroyed the Marvel Comics brand by not allowing any normal people to actually write their stories, but only having political zealots, the tune starts to change:

The takeaway isn’t “I guess our readers don’t want diversity”. No, they don’t want politics rammed down their throats or their kids throats when they’re trying to read some pulp fantasy about a dude wearing an American flag beating up on a dude with a red skull. Giving a surface-level face change to a beloved character into “She-Thor” or “SuperBurquahGirl” as Vox Day put it is obviously a gimmick meant to virtue signal, not “try out new and interesting ideas.” Thin political messages instead of good fiction. If you want new and interesting ideas, make a real commitment to new characters like you did in the late 2000s with Runaways and Spider-Girl and things like that — those were AWESOME, but they didn’t get the creator support or marketing they needed long term.

I want new and interesting ideas and cool superheroes with new and fresh ideas, so do many other readers, that’s why we’re turning to Valiant comics. How much more diverse can you get than a 3rd century Visigoth dude in space armor?  I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere else.

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One thought on “Marvel Starting To Get The Picture

  1. That was exactly my point… and that interview is the most pathetic and hateful CYA rhetoric I have seen in … at least a few days, given the current political climate. This guy is a total d***, blaming his audience. NEWS FLASH idiot: It’s not that people hate diversity. It’s that they hate having it crammed down their throats “because it’s good for them.” They came to be entertained, not to be lectured to every other month. Oh, and while you are at it, painting half your audience as evil mobs of hateful idiots probably didn’t endear you to your reader base, either.

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