RIP Pizza Party Ben

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I spammed Twitter for like an hour and lost about a dozen followers for being so annoying about this last Friday. But on that day, March 31, 2017, one that will live in infamy forever, worse than any tragedy that has ever occurred before in mankind, Twitter banned @PizzaPartyBen.

It’s been like 5 days now, and though many such cases have already forgotten him, I have not. I would sooner forget Harmabe. And you know how much I love that gorilla.

Pizza Party Ben was literally the only funny person on Twitter, as they had already banned pretty much everyone else who was funny in the past. That site sucks now, bottom line.

Yet another reason to get on where they don’t ban people unless there’s real harassment or threats going on. It’s Twitter but better, with real free speech, and they’re adding more features every day.

But the reason I post, is out of protest, like George Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King and many other brave rights activists before me, I am going to be doing my duty for @PizzaPartyBen and freedom, and changing my name across social media platforms to Pizza Party Jon D in solidarity. ¬†Follow me over on gab @otomo, and if you need an invite to the site, leave a comment. I’ll get you on and activated.

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