Star Realms: Rescue Run Nominated for Alliance Award!

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Wow! Big thank you for all of the Star Realms readers who voted for the book to be nominated. This means a lot to me as a Christian and as a science fiction writer to be considered some of the top SF of the last year. I’ll also be in attendance at the Realm Makers conference this year (barring emergency) so it’s great to make a splash.

Details on the Alliance Award nominations are here.

The next round of the voting is a star system where people rate and write a brief blurb (think Amazon review) about their favorite books. Voting opens up April 13th. How the system works is you must be familiar with 2 of the books on the list to be able to vote for this. Look for reminders here and on social media.

In order to help facilitate the two book requirement, my dear friend Kia Heavey has offered up her book for FREE to any Star Realms reader who wishes to vote for the award. I, in turn am offering Star Realms to her readership. Her book Domino is a lot of fun and well worth the read, so do take us up on this. In order to get this, either leave me a comment here to state your interest and I’ll send your info to Kia (for hers, she has to gift books through Kindle) or message me on facebook at Jon Del Arroz, Twitter @jondelarroz or Gab @otomo and I’ll make sure you get what you need.

If you’re a reader of one of the other nominated works and you’re interested in Star Realms: Rescue Run, I would definitely like to extend that offer to you as well.

Finally, a shout out to S.D. Grimm, Nadine Brandes and Gillian Bronte Adams, as I am fans of all three of these authors and it’s cool to be nominated in the same category as them. Congratulations to everyone else on the list too! I look forward to checking out your work.


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