Monday Morning Round Up

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I had quite the busy week last week! Set up and sold books at Colossus Con in Pleasanton, a quaint con, but a fun one. Met some cool new people, sold a good amount of Star Realms: Rescue Run and had an all around good time. For the new folk who met me this weekend:

  1. Star Realms: Rescue Run was nominated for the Alliance Award! The next round of voting is coming soon, of which I’ll post a link when it goes live. However, the rules are that you need to have read 2 of the books on the list in order to vote on there. As such, author Kia Heavy is giving away ebooks of her book Domino for Star Realms readers. If you want to vote for the award, leave a comment here and I’ll get you in touch with Kia on how to redeem that.
  2. Getting very close on my forthcoming book, For Steam And Country. I want to make sure you get up to date info on the release of that, as well as giveaways. Click here to sign up for my mailing list.  
  3. More awards are coming up. Please consider nominating Star Realms: Rescue Run for the Dragon Award for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy! Thank you.
  4. Wrote a pretty nice article and recorded the Comic DNA podcast. Look for those later this week!
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