Rescue Run Gets 50!

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Fifty reviews on Amazon that is. For a total of 4.5/5 stars! Wow! Most recent reviews that got the book there:

“If you like fun, fast sci fi with a great crescendo this is for you!”

“I never would have tried the Star Realms IP if Jon Del Arroz hadn’t written in it.”

“This story is quite a bit of fun, and it moves at a good, brisk pace with barely a wasted moment. You won’t regret picking this up at all.”

“I found the plot to be well thought out, the characters sympathetic and believable, and the pace just right. The book was hard to put down, and I’m looking forward to the author’s next work.”

Wow! Thank you everyone for both trying out this book and for the high praise. Definitely energizes me to spend most of my free time writing. You make it worth it.

For those who came to Rescue Run and are interested in Star Realms: there is a free app for the game on ios or android. It’s simple and fun, that’s what got me so into the property. For those who came here from Star Realms, stay tuned. Going to be bringing you as many books as I can, as fast as I can, and I guarantee they’ll be at least equally as fun as Rescue Run.  Thank you again!

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