Star Realms: Rescue Run Promo Card!!!

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Needless to say, I’m excited. A reader messaged me this morning and let me know that Star Realms: Rescue Run has been made into a promo card for the game,which is available on the Board Game Geek Store:

Very cool. I love the art with the event frame. I think that Antonis (the artist) did an incredible job in making the book cover about the most beautiful piece of game art I’ve ever seen. If you missed my interview with Antonis, it’s here. 

But what a cool event as well. You can stack your next turn or make this one really hum. I’d love to see it chained in a hand where you’ve got some card draw for maximum use. Event pops, grab what you want from your discard, play the card drawing card, proc an ally ability and put the turn over the top. Such a useful card and can’t wait to add it to my deck.

If you’re grabbing this card from the Geek Store, and haven’t gotten the book yet, you should. It’s gotten great reviews, is nominated for an Alliance Award, and adds a lot of flavor depth to the game. It’s available here.  

Edit: Already been asked if I’d sign the card. Yes. Message me privately or leave a comment with your email below and I’d be happy to have you mail it over and mail it back to you. Can’t be responsible for mishaps with the post office though, so do bear that in mind!

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