Hello Influx Of New Readers!

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Those who have made themselves at home here know that every couple of weeks I post to give new readers a little “who I am” flavor. Last week had a lot of folk coming over from reddit, this week from my Federalist article.

Hi! I’m Jon. I write science fiction, comics (which I’d like to get back to. Art is very pricey and I’d need someone to want to work on a kickstarter or something like that. Ping me if this is you and you can work on something that’s 120 pages or so. I have a rockin’ graphic novel outlined, science fiction.) and I blog here a lot. I talk about in order of importance, not necessarily frequency:

  1. Christianity
  2. Free Speech
  3. Writing
  4. Sci-Fi
  5. Comics
  6. Games
  7. Baseball
  8. Whatever Else I Feel Like

Always something new. Always something entertaining. If you’ve only read reddit, my article, bleeding cool’s fake news hit piece on me, file 770’s fake news hit piece on me, my article on Vox Popoli, seen me talked about by friends Nick Cole, John C. Wright, Peter Grant or Brian Neimeier (all great authors), then the first thing you should to is check out my book:

Star Realms: Rescue Run  is a tie in to the hit deckbuilding game, but it’s definitely a standalone space opera work. It’s meant to be a fun sci-fi adventure and one of my favorite all time authors, Nebula Award Winner Elizabeth Moon, summed it up nicely:
“This game-related novel is a lively, action-filled tale that should appeal to those who want a space adventure romp with intrigue and a touch of romance. A disgraced ex-military thief, the thief’s snide former shipmate, a special operative who isn’t that good with guns, and the resentful son of an arrogant corporate executive attempt an impossible mission… and there’s a humorously glitched portable AI in the mix, too, breaking into song at odd moments.”

A lot of folk have compared me to her writing-style wise as well.

Rescue Run has been a Top-10 Amazon Bestselling Space Opera and is nominated for an Alliance Award for Christian speculative fiction writers, and if you’ve already picked up and would like to help it out further you can review it on Amazon and then nominate it for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy category for the Dragon Award or you can add it for Best First Novel for the Locus Award (this voting ends April 15th, so go quickly here!).

Finally: Sign up for my mailing list for new releases and book giveaways! 

Come summertime, I’ll be releasing my 2nd book, a fantasy this time titled, For Steam And Country. It’s really awesome and I look forward to giving you all more information on that soon.

That’s all for now. Look forward to meeting you all soon and becoming friends.


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