The Last Crusade: A Lesson In Humility

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I know this sounds very hypocritical on a personal blog that’s used entirely for the promotion of book sales, but please bear with me, friends. A friend texted this morning, someone far more spiritually wise than I, and it’s a very short, simple message worth repeating and remembering:

Remember: the wind and the waves have only obeyed one single man.

That man was Jesus Christ, God in the flesh.

It serves as a reminder that when worldly accomplishments come, you should not praise yourself. Those are gifts from God. They can be given, they can be taken away. We must remember that everything we have, everything we are, down to every breath we take is such a gift, and to cherish it as such and praise the One who gave it to us.

He provided an incredible example, as we’ll be reminded of in our celebration of Good Friday tomorrow. Even as God, He came down, spoke the truth, and for that he was beaten, spat upon, humiliated, falsely accused of crime and forced into a horrible death by crucifixion. How powerful and incredible is that? It is the ultimate act of humility, one that can never be remotely approached. All we can do is praise and thank Him.

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