Racist White Male Alt-Left Internet Trolls Threaten Hispanic Novelist

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Is this a sign of the times of the divisive legacy that Barrack Obama left us? 

(San Francisco) Hispanic novelist Jon Del Arroz receives threats of being “shooed out of the country” by alt-left internet trolls after writing a daring column for The Federalist about blackballing practices in the comic book industry. Obama supporter and white male Daniel Lee Brandt, from flyover state Indiana, sent further microaggressions by typing in all caps to him. 

The situation was further amplified by blonde, white male and alt-left troll C. Thomas Hand, former RPG writer of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG aggressing toward Mr. Del Arroz with devastatingly racist bullying words such as “F- off” and seemingly considering HIspanics “generally horrible people.”

President Barrack Obama’s supporters have become increasingly hostile to minorities like Mr. Del Arroz since his frightening 2008 rallies, which have been likened to the kind that Hitler held. Mr. Obama so far has refused to disavow these supporters.  

Waiting for The Daily Kos, The Mary Sue, Tor.com, Io9, Buzzfeed, File 770, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post or others to publish this. They must be EXTREMELY concerned about this deplorable behavior, given what they’ve published in the past. I’m sure it’ll be up at any moment now, because they’re fair, consistent, intellectually honest coverage worth reposting over and over by Facebook users.

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7 thoughts on “Racist White Male Alt-Left Internet Trolls Threaten Hispanic Novelist

    • One was via PM and the other blocked me after getting owned by Spacebunny Day and feeling inferior to her superior intellect. So I don’t got em.

  1. LINKS?! We don’ need no steenking LINKS! We know what SJWs do — this is the doctor tappin’ yer knee with his triangle hammer. SJWs gonna SJW!

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