When The Opposition Media Makes No Sense

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Some of my favorite mornings are when my blog gets a truckload of angry comments. It means that not only have I done something right, but that somewhere out there, fake news has completely twisted what I said to imply what I didn’t say.

Today, it was phony outrage about giving out free books to loyal fans, as you might recall I offered yesterday, along with a lot of the top authors in the science fiction and fantasy field. It’s pretty incredible how generous they are and these authors deserve to be thanked. How on earth does one get outraged about that? Well, this is the internet and people make sure they get outraged about everything. The problem with FAKE NEWS, is if the wrong person goes and says “the sun rose this morning!” they will come back with an article that says “WRONG PERSON WANTS YOU TO GET SUNBURNED”. It’s that level of insanity that you get from the fake news industry, which is why you should never trust the media when it references someone like me, Vox Day or the President of the United States.

Anyway, all I could do is laugh at the ridiculous personal attacks in the comments. I’m not approving that garbage on my blog anymore, because I took enough abuse when I called out Marvel Comics for their awful business practices and blackballing, and a fake news comic site completely lied about what I said. Only positivity here from now on. We’re building something together, dear reader, and we’re moving forward and up together.

But the fake news this morning didn’t just stop at a pretty lame twist of my words, they took the opportunity to use it to snark about the quality of work of some of my favorite authors, who did nothing to warrant that. Of course, I’m certain the person didn’t bother to read their work at all, because like most fake amazon reviews, it lacks any specifics. Wouldn’t it be a shame though, if someone in response checked out the list of authors on my blog post yesterday and voted against fake news with your dollars? Think of the triggering then…


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One thought on “When The Opposition Media Makes No Sense

  1. Certainly much simpler to make stuff up than to face reality… Dealing with ‘fake news’ is like dealing with a child making up stories… and I imagine the consequences will be similar.

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