Congrats Mike Cernovich, White House Press Correspondent

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Mike Cernovich is such an inspiration to independent journalists and commentators everywhere. I’ve been following him since I discovered him midway through last year, and he always brings a unique perspective to stories that the mainstream fake news media either lies about or glosses over. It’s propelled him to be featured on 60 Minutes, which was one of their highest rated episodes in years.

On top of that, he’s now been granted White House Press access! He’s going to be streaming live on his youtube channel at 2:45 PST today, in just a few minutes.

Really seeing his success is so uplifting, and it keeps me going. Anyone who rocks the boat like him or myself get our fair share of hate mail, comments and threats, and even though we’re high energy by nature, it’s easy to get down in the slog. Can’t allow that to happen, gotta keep going and appreciate the little victories — and the big ones like this. that’s what Gorilla MIndset is all about.


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