I Can’t Believe I Missed This!

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For some reason, it was in my mind that this was coming out in May. It’s no secret that Elizabeth Moon is one of my favorite authors, my writing has been compared to hers on numerous occasions (of which I am honored but not deserving!), and I definitely do use her work as a model for great space opera.  She’s definitely one of my biggest influences.

Her most recent book in the Vatta’s War series, Cold Welcome dropped on April 11th, and I for some reason thought it came out in May. This is a MUST GET ON DAY ONE type of release for me, as I’m so excited to see her returning to writing in the space opera genre after a number of years. I am running to Barnes and Noble over lunch to pick this up immediately. The book is available here:


And the description:

Summoned to the home planet of her family’s business empire, space-fleet commander Kylara Vatta is told to expect a hero’s welcome. But instead she is thrown into danger unlike any other she has faced and finds herself isolated, unable to communicate with the outside world, commanding a motley group of unfamiliar troops, and struggling day by day to survive in a deadly environment with sabotaged gear. Only her undeniable talent for command can give her ragtag band a fighting chance.

Yet even as Ky leads her team from one crisis to another, her family and friends refuse to give up hope, endeavoring to mount a rescue from halfway around the planet—a task that is complicated as Ky and her supporters find secrets others will kill to protect: a conspiracy infecting both government and military that threatens not only her own group’s survival but her entire home planet.

This sounds extremely fun. I can’t wait to read.

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