Rislandia Needs You!

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By royal missive of King Malaky XVI on this 15th day of the Month of Queens, during the 19th year of his reign:

Rislandia needs you! The evil Wyranth Empire is nipping at the heels of our border, and we need strong soldiers to fight back against the tides of darkness from the south! First, we must spread the word of these foul soldiers and their deeds. We do this by ensuring everyone in the kingdom and beyond reads the tome of the great Zaira von Monocle’s autobiography. These tomes, which she has titled For Steam And Country, also the battle cry for our great Airship division, will be distributed soon. But we must have more carriers to spread the word far and wide! Join the fight today and do your duty to keep the Kingdom safe! 

We are launching a new team for marketing For Steam And Country, my forthcoming release in June, called The Grand Rislandian Army. Via Facebook, Gab.ai and email, we’ll be coordinating marketing through social media over the next couple months and having a ton of fun with it. If you enjoy immersive steampunk or fantasy, this will be for you all the way, and it’s already gotten glowing reviews from beta readers who helped with both this and Star Realms: Rescue Run.

Stay tuned for more announcements as we’ll be getting some cool swag and rewards for people who join the Grand Rislandian Army.  You’ll want to get in early if only to see what happens next:

To join up on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/519333975122120/

Gab.ai message me on @otomo and I will add you to the chat room.

Email, comment here and just put your email in the prompt box, I’ll grab it.

This is going to be an amazing fun journey, friends, I look forward to it!  #ForSteamAndCountry


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