Here’s The Deal With The (Future) Cover Reveal

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Alright. So I have some preliminary art for For Steam And Country. And it is HOT. I mean about the hottest piece of art I’ve ever seen. Which is good, cuz this is going to be the hottest book you’ve ever seen.

I really REALLY shouldn’t share it before I have all the lettering done and it’s a nice, neat, tidy cover.

But I’ve never been very good at doing what I should do. So I’m going to compromise with myself in order to share this with as much as my fam (which is you, dear reader!) as possible while still giving the outside world a little something to wait for in the completed cover.

I’m going to give a special sneak peak of the art to the most dedicated fan group. And here’s how we’re going to find out who that is:

I have my mailing list, and I have my facebook group for the Grand Rislandian Army. Both have grown pretty crazy since I created the FB group about a week ago. So here’s what I’m going to do: whichever gets 60 new users since the founding of the FB group on May 1 first gets the first cover reveal look. It’s pretty close to even so far, each has about 25 more to go. Let’s see if we can get there.

For best results, I’d recommend joining both 😉   the link to the mailing list  the link to the FB group.

You really want to see this gorgeous art. Go join and recruit your friends!

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