The Last Crusade: Arming Future Teachers For Battle

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From Pastor and brilliant theologian Rob Dalrymple. If any of you feel compelled to assist, contact me, or him if you know him or comment. I can’t think of any more important a mission than ensuring future gifted and brilliant minds are educated and armed to go out there into the world and preach the gospel. This is how you directly save souls, and is something we all should be doing everything we can to support:

Many of you know that I have been privileged to travel and teach around the world including two trips to India. Over years I have been blessed to keep in contact with many of those students; including Karunakar, Prathap, and others. I have also received numerous invitations to return to India and teach.

I was finally able to return last March (2016) at the invitation of Karunakar. I arrived at 3:00am on a Tuesday. Over the 3 days (Tues, Wed, and Thurs) we conducted a pastor’s conference with over 400 pastors; each afternoon we taped TV shows for his TV program; and each Each evening we conducted in an outdoor crusade that Karunakar oversaw. The first night we had 200+; the second night 300+; and the final night 800+.

It was very evident to me that Karunakar was a gifted leader. The 400 pastors in the region clearly looked to him as their leader. Karunakar also pastors three churches. His ministry is vibrant and growing.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, I have approached Karunakar about receiving a graduate education. His Bible college degree from the school in Delhi is adequate. But, the simple fact is that someone with his gifts, calling, and leadership abilities needs a better education. It is my conviction that training leaders like Karunakar will impact the kingdom 1,000-fold or more. He is in his late 20’s: Lord willing he has many more years of ministry.

We have spent many months considering educational opportunities for him. And it appears that the Pacific Islands Bible College in Guam is the best option. He will get a good education at a good price.

Karunakar is willing to make the commitment to study and learn. He has made arrangements for his ministry needs to be covered in his absence. Now, we need to secure the financial commitment. The total cost for the program is around $20,000 USD. I asked Karunakar to do all he can to come up with as much of the funding on his own. He has been able to raise $4,500 USD (which I think is terrific considering his circumstances. I have been to his home and met his family and I know he is living on a very low income). I have secured $2,500 already.

My request: perhaps you could take the next few weeks to pray and discern whether you can help; and, if so, how much you are willing to pledge. I am not asking for any money at this time: only pledges. Part of his acceptance into the school will be dependent on his obtaining a US visa—and the US government wants him to show that he has the funds before they grant it.

If you are able to, please send me a private note and let me know if you can help!

Our church has set up a fund for him, so the monies can be donated to NPC and are tax-deductible

In Christ

Rob Dalrymple

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