When You Converge Into SJW Politics, Everyone Loses

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It’s a very simple formula. I could teach a business class on this and it would be very useful for young college students.

Step 1: Have a nice company that produces something everyone enjoys.

Step 2: SJWs enter the company, start removing anyone who’s not SJW and replacing with political operatives.

Step 3: Company loses its focus, starts focusing on negativity politics, witch-hunting and virtue signaling.

Step 4: Company completely loses its audience and revenue.

Case Study 1, Marvel Comics.  As we know, converged as per above. And the result is disastrous. 

Case Study 2, Bioware. Mass Effect loses its focus placing politics ahead of content in a $40 million debacle. And franchise destroyed. 

There’s your business lesson for the day. No one wants to buy that. They want fun, action adventure out of their entertainment. That’s why they’re there. I understand this, which is why my books are wall to wall fun.

So class, what do you think then happens when something with an extremely niche audience such as Baycon does this in the face of strong competition for entertainment? I expect at some point over the next five years that I’ll be called in to consult on how to make that con into something again. Hopefully it won’t be too late.

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5 thoughts on “When You Converge Into SJW Politics, Everyone Loses

  1. The way SJWs get into the company appears to be to start by complaining about the stories and characters, until it is made to appear that the only way to appease the SJWs is for the creators to begin hiring them as consultants and co-writers to guarantee nonwhite or queer Authenticity™. Then, once they get their foot in the door, they make their push for assuming creative control, raising complaints about workplace harassment to silence their detractors.

  2. Quoting IowaHawk David Bruge:
    “Take a respected institution.
    Kill it.
    Gut it.
    Wear its carcass as a skin suit.
    And demand respect.”

    Interestingly, while searching for it, it was the first thing on Duck Duck Go, and didn’t appear at all on Google, instead garnering links about Melanoma.

    • IowaHawk always cuts to the chase. Rapier wit is a deadly weapon against the SJW. They cannot tolerate the Mocking.

  3. Jon — don’t wait for Baycon to die. Become Baycon’s competition and kill it faster. Start building that crunchy, Pulpy “JonCon” you envisioned Cons *should be* — right now.

    You’re meeting like-minded anti-SJW types here and at other affiliated sites. Get the disaffected Con-goers that you trust together and build it. They will come — the disaffected will come. And armor your Con against the SJW zombie plague–lots of good advice how to do that on the sites you frequent.

    Don’t let the zombified remains of the Cons you loved linger like a shambling, rotting corpse. They need a decent burial. Put them in the grave and read the rites over them via better Cons that are geared around fun and entertainment, not blinkered politics and hurt feelings.

    Make that “JonCon” part of your platform — the platform you *must* have.

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