Hello Massive Influx Of New People!

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Seems like I get these huge spikes in readers every couple of weeks. This time it came in from a couple sources — new friends at Clockwork Alchemy (I’ll do a write up of the convention tomorrow) and from space opera writer J.A. Sutherland who was kind enough to send out a nice newsletter post recommending Star Realms: Rescue Run. Sutherland writes the Alexis Carew series and it looks right up my alley for a read. Something the folk who read regularly here might want to check out as well.

For the new folk:

Hello, all! I’m a sci-fi writer, focused mostly on Space Opera, but will be releasing my first Steampunk book on June 15th, titled For Steam And Country. If you haven’t seen the cover yet, it’s here:

Otherwise, I’m about 40% through a third draft of my own space opera book, which hopefully I’ll be able to get to you this fall, and will be the start of a big universe I hope to write in for a long time. Stay tuned on that. Otherwise, I do a lot of book/comic reviews, talk about a lot of subjects that are important to me here (especially free speech and the problems with the entertainment industry, which are often related). I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and try my best to reply to comments (sometimes it takes me  a sec to get to the computer and approve). I did a project round-up awhile back that has a lot more of my random tidbits that I’m working on, but this is the most important stuff. I hope you stick around.

Appearances wise: I’ll be at LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN at the end of June. It is already sold out, but if you happen to be going, I’ll be there. If you’re in TN or whatnot and can’t get a ticket, I’ll make time to go sign a book or whatnot if you’d like as well, cuz I don’t get out east very often.

I hope you new folk enjoy Star Realms: Rescue Run as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Tally ho!


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