For Steam And Country – Now On Goodreads

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Exciting news, fam! I would appreciate if you’d take a little bit of time for the below. There is a pre-order link there but please DON’T buy the book now. Amazon’s algorithm doesn’t count preorders toward day one sales. Wait for the June 15th release so we can get all of the Amazon rankings in one swoop and push this to the top of Steampunk.

Here’s the goodreads link:…/…/35378932-for-steam-and-country

Please add to your shelves and if you’ve read it, leave a review and star it. Another thing I’ll ask is to vote it up on a couple of lists. If you look down below it’ll have a listopia option. To add one there’s a “add a book” tab. I couldn’t get it on there yet because I can’t vote for my own book. Once it’s added you can just search the book and add it. Please do this! It’s just free visibility with enough votes. Adding to your shelf first makes it easier to add to a list.  

Best Steampunk Books:


Christian Indie Authors:…/…/34853.Christian_Indie_Authors_

These are my primary focus lists, but if you really really really want to be awesome, if you get into listopia and type “steampunk” in the search and add the book that way, there’s a ton you can help with.  Thanks everyone! Only 9 more days!!!!

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