The File 770 Crowd Loves Me, Quite Literally

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I’m actually pretty thrilled that Mike Glyer‘s crew over at File 770 has such incredible obsession with me. I don’t know any of these people in person, have barely talked to any of them if at all, except Mike proper, so it’s really flattering to say the least. Last week, I got a creepy poem written for me followed by several racist comments on the site, of which I talked about a bit here. It is the first poem that I can recall was ever written about me, so thank you for that.  
Today, Camestros Felapton upped the game of having a crush on me by making a full on book cover based on For Steam And Country — which is releasing next Thursday. This looks like a pretty time consuming effort, maybe even more so than the File 770 commenter who purchased and distributed convention ribbons for a full weekend homaging me:
I’m not sure where the idea came from. I’m guessing that Camestros here read some interview of me or old posts where I talk about my favorite album of all time, Fleetwood Mac’s 1979 classic, Tusk, which is certainly musical perfection in every form, the first digitally recorded album by the band, in which they took may artistic and innovative approaches to the music that truly ended up with a timeless creation, including and especially Stevie Nicks’s haunting hit single, “Sara.”  Of course, perhaps the lyrics of the song “Tusk” proper apply to File 770’s group too:
Don’t say that you love me
Just tell me that you want me 
You’ll definitely want For Steam And Country, which has had stellar reviews from everyone who’s read thus far. Here’s what Dragon Award winning author Nick Cole has to say about it:  “Witty, charming and downright thrilling!  Del Arroz nails the feel of good old fashioned Steampunkery with wit, aplomb and of course… panache.”
And everyone, including Mr. Glyer himself, loves the real cover by the wonderful artist Shawn King:
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19 thoughts on “The File 770 Crowd Loves Me, Quite Literally

  1. Del Arroz writes humorous posts;

    And the envious screech, mad like ghosts!

    They cry and sadly screed,

    Untill their poor líps bleed;

    But he just points, laughs and smugly boasts!

    Now You have two poems. Happy?

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  3. //I’m not sure where the idea came from. //

    A long story. I was writing a comment on Vox Day’s blog once upon a time (he banned me shortly thereafter) and due to a freak combination of typo and autocorrect and possibly an over strenght double-IPA, I wrote “There Will Be Walrus” instead of “There Will Be War”. Things then spiralled out of control from there.

    The Fleetwood Mac connection is also possible. Timothy has a psychic connection with Barrow in Furness.

  4. I would have guessed the tusk reference really went back to Larry Correia’s use of the manatee as another symbol of his literary movement.

    In fact, I think that’s a great improvement over Camestros’ typo tale and he should take that up as the explanation regardless of what really happened.

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