For Steam And Country – Release Tomorrow – Your Marching Orders For The Grand Rislandian Army!

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Tomorrow marks the release of For Steam And Country: Book One of The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle. I’m super thrilled to share this Steampunk fantasy novel with you. Reviewers are also loving the book. Steampunk Chronicle says it’s “a solid adventure tale, much in the mold of Patrick O’Brian.”

The goal is to make a huge splash on release day, and here’s how we’re going to do that together:

  1. Make sure to pick up a copy at (Remember, don’t buy this until tomorrow, Thursday, June 15th! We want the rankings to hit all on the same day)
  2. Share that link on all of your social media platforms and with any of your friends into fantasy/steampunk/science fiction. There’s a lot of Steampunk or book groups on Facebook, join and share! That does so much help you have no idea.
  3. Add it to your shelf, vote it up on the lists that it’s on so people see it. Leave a star rating. The link is here:
  4. Leave an Amazon review. Even if you’re only a few pages in, people who come to Amazon look for reviews to see how many other people are into something. You can edit it later when you’ve finished, but we need as many showing as possible day one. Write to what you know, be honest, but post it up there!
  5. If you’re on, we are taking over there. Post all day with the hashtag #ForSteamAndCountry so we can get a trending topic going. If you’re not, sign up: . It’s easy and free. It’s a new social network and the people there are very friendly. It’ll take about 200 posts to get this trending, and I need your help! Talk about everything, ask questions, use the hashtag. I’m @otomo on there if you want to tag me. Can do this on Twitter as well of course. Please tag me with #Steampunk on there at least so this book comes up on that hashtag. Gab is my primary focus, however.

Then keep telling your friends. If you want, let your favorite authors know if you find my writing like their work. Get them to share too. It’s all about the multiplier effect of social media. Trust me, I’ve gotten some crazy things going before, and this time it’s about an AWESOME book so it should be easy. Everyone will love For Steam And Country, young and old.

On a side note. I have beautiful bookmarks to give out. I’ll mail them out to anyone who’s interested free of charge. Leave a comment below if you do, and I’ll grab your email from there and get your address.

Thank you so much for your support. It means a ton to me. I try to acknowledge everyone as best I can, but every single person who reads my work means the world. You’re the best readers anyone could ever hope for, and I hope to keep providing great books to you for years to come.

Tally ho! For Steam And Country!

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4 thoughts on “For Steam And Country – Release Tomorrow – Your Marching Orders For The Grand Rislandian Army!

  1. Jon
    Cool that the book is out.

    Just out of curiosity so you know if steam punk is popular in Spanish? In Catalan There’s 2 book series of are punk Roman Empire but the genre Doesn’t seem very popular. I have some ideas.

    Congrats again@

      • Thanks. For steam punk to be popular in Spanish you’d need to so the Carlista wars in Spain an for Latin America the various coups except for Brazil which can have it’s Empire:)

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